Painter Executive Search has nearly 25 years of experience working in partnership with clients to bring exceptional talent to unique organization needs. It’s personal.

Our experience is diverse– from National Museum Director Searches to placed-based program managers and leaders in international philanthropy.  No matter the role or the circumstances surrounding your leadership transition, you can expect the same commitment:

  • to understand and take on the mission of your organization and explore all aspects of your leadership needs
  • to represent your organization and the opportunity well in the market so that qualified and interested prospects engage in real dialog about your work
  • to be a trusted partner in bringing forth candidates’ strengths and weaknesses
  • to guide you through any complexities–working through the details of offer, relocation, founder transition, internal candidate management, constituency communications, candidate communication and change.

In short, working with our clients is personal for us.  Our commitment is to leave you in a stronger position to fulfill your mission and to seek out talented leaders and bring them to environments where they can do their best work and create lasting impact.

It’s personal.